Buffalo Henn's Inferno Sauce
Buffalo Henn's Inferno Sauce

Buffalo Henn's Inferno Sauce

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As like all of our sauces, you get a truly unique flavor. As soon as your first bite you taste the sweetness of the real butter and honey against the tanginess of the horseradish.  A few seconds later you get the heat, as it's name sake inferno, no inferno starts out hot. It begins with a spark of heat and as you consume more of the inferno sauce the spiciness starts increase. Just like our hot sauce we added ghost peppers, however we didn't go light on the the pepper with this sauce. Don't get discouraged though, unlike other wing sauces our heat doesn't linger for long, allowing you to enjoy each wing you eat without scrambling for the closest gallon of milk.  This  perfect blend of taste with the extra kick that will keep even the most advantageous wing connoisseurs coming back for more.